Welcome To Skelmose Steel

With expertise in tailored solutions we bridge the gap between China and Europe

At Skelmose Steel, we are a vital link between China and Europe, specializing in the intricate aspects of logistics and quality control within the steel manufacturing sector. Our goal is to excel in connecting these regions with top-notch logistics and meticulous quality control, ensuring every solution is precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across Europe. We are dedicated to providing bespoke, high-quality services in steel logistics and management, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ operations.

Our goal is to excel in connecting China and Denmark through top-notch logistics and quality control, ensuring every solution is tailored precisely to our client’s needs.

We embrace a forward-thinking approach, utilizing the most advanced methods to continuously improve our processes in quality control and logistics. Our strength lies in our ability to provide custom solutions. We recognize the unique needs of each client and excel in creating tailored solutions to meet these specific requirements. Whether it’s addressing unforeseen challenges, managing repairs, or resolving delivery issues, our team is always prepared to adapt and deliver exceptional results.

Choose us for a partnership that guarantees quality, innovation, and solutions custom-fit for your needs.

Our History

The inception of Skelmose Steel was driven by our CEO’s desire to address a gap in the steel industry. With a solid background of over 35 years in the industry, he saw the need for a company that could specialize in bridging logistical and quality control challenges within the steel manufacturing sector. This vision was born from his firsthand experiences and the recognition of the industry’s need for more specialized, client-focused services that span across Europe and connect efficiently with China’s manufacturing capabilities.
Skelmose Steel emerged from a vision to fill a vital niche in the market – offering specialized logistics and quality control in steel manufacturing, particularly bridging the gap between China and Europe. This vision was about creating something bigger than just a business; it was about building a service that could truly meet the evolving demands of clients in this sector.

Central to our story is our partnership with the chinese company Wenhui, with their over 190.000 square meters of factory space and over 1000 employees, they also bring over 30 years of experience in steel manufacturing they deliver globally to a multitude of clients. This partnership isn’t just a business arrangement; it’s a collaboration that blends our on-the-ground expertise with their extensive manufacturing know-how. Together, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients always receive products of the highest quality.

Today, Skelmose Steel is a reflection of our belief in the power of combining practical experience with strong, meaningful global partnerships. Our aim is to provide clients with a completely tailored solution, assisting with quality control, logistics and repairs including anything that might come in between.